Muskoka Lakes Gardens


About the weekend we created a working day journey to Richters Herbs, so I could partake in my yearly bacchanalian overdose on herbs. This was our 1st time driving by itself (rather than hitching a journey with mates) and I was pleased to locate out that they are a puppy-pleasant enterprise, letting us to bring Molly inside as extended as she was retained on a leash. Afterward, some two or three hours later simply because that is how very long it takes me to walk up and down the aisles 100 periods, touching every solitary plant in the greenhouse with the exception of stinging nettle, we drove even further east in look for of a position to picnic. We uncovered a very little stream with a park in the city of Uxbridge and right after consuming evening meal, we walked along with for a bit so that I could choose some images.

The stream is backed by residences on one particular aspect, and some back garden crops must have got unfastened over the decades because the moist soil at its edges were being totally around operate with swathes of cornflower blue Ignore-me-not.

Davin took this photo of me crouched between the fail to remember-me-nots, getting the shots in this post.


I don’t have the knowledge to differentiate amongst woodland forget about-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica) or real aka drinking water ignore-me-not (Myosotis scorpioides) on sight, but I suspect it was the later since it prefers moist soil, like the kind identified along the financial institutions of a stream. Unfortunately, this is the much more intense of the two and the 1 that seems on invasive species lists.


The ignore-me-nots had been like a stream of their personal, mimicking the movement of the water beside it.

There have been also a few, scattered white bouquets, but you had to get up near to see them. At a distance the colonies of blooms confirmed as blue.

March 27, 2022

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