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4 (4) Autumn Orchid Bouquets

Intensify a residing area or place of the backyard with a show of Orchid bouquets this Autumn, their daring bouquets and colours also earning them the great residing present for Mother’s Working day.

1. Dendrobium

Dendrobiums arrive from Asia and the Pacific which include Australasia. They increase best all through Qld and northern NSW and have no leaf drop, so they’re fairly simple-treatment. Drinking water generously in summer months and maintain them dry in winter. For newbies, try growing the soft- caned forms in dappled shade. The floral emblem of Queensland, the Cooktown Orchid, is a dendrobium.

2. Oncidium

Also referred to as ‘dancing ladies’ oncidiums improve in arching sprays of little flowers, commonly patterned in yellow and brown. Give them dazzling shade and a no cost-draining combine like Searles Orchid Combine -Dendrobium. Oncidiums can be mounted on to bark or trees. Their hardiness helps make them best for rookies. Indigenous to the tropical Americas, most types dislike temperatures under 10 levels and appreciate humidity. Really do not allow them dry out but don’t overwater. Propagate by division.

3. Phalaenopsis

Also called moth orchids, these orchids are indigenous to south-east Asia from the Himalayas to Cape York Peninsula. The exquisite blooms on the Phalaenopsis seem on extensive, arching stems for up to six months of the yr. Straightforward- care and hugely recommended for beginners, they are typically pink or white but now also flower in lavender, yellow, deep purple and variegated forms. Give them a great deal of gentle but not immediate daylight all through the summertime. A shade cloth ought to not make it possible for much more than 70% of sunlight through.

4. Cattleya

Native to the tropical Americas, cattleyas have some of the greatest blooms of all the orchids and are normally aromatic. They are also fairly hard which will make them good for rookies.

Cattleyas adore significant humidity and really do not like incredibly chilly winters, but some will rough it out if held dry. Fairly drought tolerant, cattleyas commonly choose to dry out among waterings, though prefer drinking water routinely in the course of their rising season.

When cattleyas are in flower, avoid watering the bouquets as this may perhaps direct to the flower rotting prematurely. Cattleyas are great candidates for expanding in pots but use a coarse, fibrous compost to assure excellent drainage these types of as Searles Dendrobium Orchid Specialty Mix. Cattleyas flower only on new flushes of growth. Give them plenty of light but not full solar.



When potted into pots, orchids need an open mix of specifically graded pine bark to make it possible for ideal air place as nicely as offer acceptable water holding capacity. Preferably use Searles Orchid Specialty Blend for very best outcomes. Orchids only require re-potting every single a single to two years. They are happiest when their roots are dangling about the sides of the pot, so only repot them when they glance like they are about to topple in excess of.

In the wild, several varieties of orchid will grow on to a rock (lithophytic types) or in the bough of a tree (epiphytic kinds). These orchids normally derive the nutrition they have to have from the air, leaf & tree litter and from rainwater. Orchids can be secured safely and securely to a tree with a string or a strip of old rag (It’s important only to do this with trees that do not lose their bark).


All orchids require very good air motion to aid protect against sickness and fungal complications. It also will help awesome the plant in high humidity. Orchids may possibly want watering day by day through sizzling, dry summers, but this ought to be minimize correct back noticeably, perhaps to the moment weekly, in winter season. 

Fertilising Orchids

Liquid fertilise prior to flower bud development and up to and for the duration of flowering with both Searles Flourish Orchid Booster or Searles Flourish Orchid Bloomer each 7 to 14 days. H2o diluted blend about foliage and potting blend.


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October 6, 2021

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