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Spring garden treatment and leading dressing lawns

Spring is the perfect time for prime dressing and fertilising lawns to acquire advantage of the heat weather advancement ahead.

For a wonderful environmentally friendly garden suitable via to next yr, start out fertilising in early spring with Searles Strong Garden Booster. Searles Robust is a gradual release fertiliser which will little by little feed garden roots and leaves for up to 4 months to promote little by little thick, eco-friendly, healthy grass – just like skilled sporting activities fields. A thicker lawn will smother out weeds, cutting down weed spraying.

If your garden soil is hard and repels h2o, aerate with a backyard garden fork or aerator, fill holes with the blend of sand and 5 IN 1 Organic Fertiliser (see prime dressing lawn tips area, ideal). Sprinkle Searles Penetraide Re-Wetting Granules onto the soil to boost superior water penetration.  It also has a fertiliser so it will feed your lawn at the similar time.

Spring is the time for unpleasant bindii invasion in lawns. If you have ever walked on a bindii and felt the sharp pain they lead to, you may possibly be fascinated to know that it is actually the seed that kinds the prickle. Bindii grows in the winter and sets seed from late winter season to early spring. Spray now with Searles Lawn Best. Repeat spraying is significant to handle weeds that have germinated immediately after the prior spraying.

It is incredibly essential when applying a weed spray, to use it in conjunction with a wetting agent this kind of as Searles Spredmax. This raises the weedkiller’s performance by encouraging it adhere to the leaves of the weed.


Best DRESSING Garden Guidelines

Spring is the suitable time to prime dress lawns to get edge of the heat weather conditions immediate development. No matter if you are filling in holes, night out lawns or incorporating nutrition to the soil for improved expansion, implementing a 2cm layer of 5 IN 1 Organic and natural Fertiliser will established your lawn up for powerful spring advancement.

Prime dressing with 5 IN 1 Organic and natural Fertiliser will increase wealthy natural and organic vitamins and minerals to motivate the production of new grass shoots and fortify roots resulting in a thicker greener lawn. A thicker and often mown lawn will smother out weeds, cutting down the use of chemical spraying. A top rated costume of natural make a difference will also stimulate microbial action to crack down grass clippings and provide more nutrients into the soil. Additional organic matter also improves drinking water retention and drainage in the soil. In particular handy through drier occasions of the year, but also equally when the ‘big wet’ arrives.

Just before implementing, mow garden the day prior. Increase a 2cm layer of 5 IN 1 over the grass and rake evenly. Water nicely just after raking to mattress down the soil.




October 6, 2021

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