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Wholesome Lawns How to Detect Lawn Grubs

There are two principal styles of garden grub, just about every of which can cause devastation to lawns right before you are even knowledgeable of their existence. Below are some straightforward methods to recognise and offer with them just before they do also a lot problems.

White curl grub

The initially sort of garden grub is the white curl grub. These white, ‘C’-shaped grubs are the larvae of the cockchafer beetle or African black beetle. (Normally, these grubs are wrongly discovered as ‘witchetty grubs’ when observed by house gardeners.) White curl grubs reside beneath the soil surface and feed on the nutritious roots of grass. Like armyworm, these pests have been acknowledged to demolish complete garden places wholly inside a subject of months.

Pest Watch identifying lawn grubs white curl grub

How to detect white curl grub

Glance for visual indications, these types of as round patches in your garden turning brown or yellow. Your garden could feel tender and spongy to walk on and you may well uncover grass lying loosely on leading of your lawn. (In highly developed conditions, sections of lawn will be ready to be lifted off the surface area of the soil like a toupee, as there is no root system remaining.) For a final affirmation that white curl grubs are existing, location a soaked hessian bag on your lawn right away. In the early early morning, carry the bag to see if the grubs have arrive to the floor.


The next type of garden grub is the armyworm. These army-coloured, khaki- environmentally friendly caterpillars are the larvae of moths of the Noctuidae household. They are a nuisance in the course of Queensland and New South Wales and often happen in plague proportions. Armyworm eat the leaves, stems and seed heads of grass. They can decimate full lawn spots, leaving powering virtually practically nothing but bare earth.

Pest Watch identifying lawn grubs army worm

 How to detect armyworm

If you recognize patches of lawn suddenly dying, this could be proof of armyworm action. You may also see compact, grey moths flying all-around your lawn. (These moths are armyworms in their grownup phase, searching for a position to lay their eggs.)

Even further indicators of garden grubs

You may well see wasps hovering around your garden. Specified species of wasp are a predator of garden grubs and use them as hosts to feed their young.

Infogram Seasons you can expect Lawn Grub Activity

What time of 12 months

Most garden grub action takes place in the hotter instances of year from early spring, by way of summer months and into autumn.


How to handle garden grub and armyworm

To properly management lawn grubs and armyworm in lawns and gardens, use Searles Lifeless Grub Professional. Searles Dead Grub Professional is a price tag-powerful broad-spectrum insecticide in quick to utilize granules – simply just sprinkle onto lawn and gardens and drinking water in quickly following software for optimum effects. Active Constituent: Bifenthrin.



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November 27, 2021

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