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May possibly Working day Back garden Bouquets

Here’s a easy Expand Curious venture for you to do in celebration of May possibly Working day and the developing year in advance.

Obtain bouquets* from your garden. Select 1 of each individual variety if you can. Assemble them in an arrangement, possibly laid down flat (aka a flat lay), alongside one another in a one vase, or as I have finished here, just about every in a little jar. Choose a photograph. Think of it as a snapshot of your garden at this minute.

*Substitute bouquets for leaves, stems, or any other newly active plant components.

Tip: I gather outdated and utilised jars as vases. Look at glass vitamin bottles with the labels washed off or attractive salt and pepper shakers with the lids eliminated. An arrangement of one stems in numerous jars is less scary than a significant arrangement in a single vase and is much more doable for individuals of us with little gardens and couple of bouquets to spare.

  • Mature Curious is a guidebook and manifesto to support gardeners interact and join a lot more deeply with their gardens by way of seasonal as nicely as open up-finished pursuits that advertise exploration, discovery, inspiration, and creativeness.

October 27, 2021

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