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How to Expand African Violets (Saintpaulias)

They may possibly have a contact of ‘granny’, but African Violets make for marvellous flowering indoor plants and are the ideal decision for terrarium shows. 


African Violets demand average to dazzling indirect light-weight all year round to really encourage flowering. A effectively lit kitchen area bench or espresso table is ideal. They also like humidity in the atmosphere (as a result why they are great for terrarium environments). This is not generally a dilemma other than in dry climates, if the home has a air-conditioner in use or during winter when indoor heaters dry the air inside of the household.


When watering African Violets, permit the potting combine to become moderately dry in advance of the future watering (but not absolutely dried out to the level the plants foliage is wilting!). Implement drinking water to the soil area or from the base-up making use of the saucer down below the potted container. DO NOT Wet the foliage or depart drinking water droplets on the leaves as this can trigger leaf marking and spotting.

Get rid of invested bouquets.


African Violets involve specially formulated fertiliser to endorse balanced expansion and most importantly, abundant bouquets. Searles Flourish Flowers & Foliage, is an ideally suited soluble fertiliser. Utilize this (following guidance) to the potting blend each individual 3 to four months from spring thought to autumn. DO NOT fertilise in the cooler chilly climate, as African Violets are usually actively growing in temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius and earlier mentioned. 


African Violets have to have to be re-potted about the moment a year to maintain healthier and solid growth and boost continued flowering.

A indication that your African Violet calls for re-potting is if there is greater stem size from soil stage to reduced leaves.

When re-potting, use Searles Cyclamen & African Violet Combine. Replant your African Violet so the lessen leaves are only just previously mentioned the potting combine level. New roots will expand from the stem of the plant that is now below the soil. Drinking water the blend and keep the plant absent from potent light for 3 to 4 months, then shift it again to its favoured posture. 

December 13, 2021

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