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Dividing and Repotting Cattleya Orchids

The gorgeous cattleya orchid enjoys a placement with fantastic, filtered daylight or semi-shade, these kinds of as in the bough of a tree. It will increase in all elements of Australia and is simple to propagate by division. 

Four (4) steps to dividing and repotting cattleyas

Stage 1: Like most orchids, cattleyas desire to be pot sure fairly than overpotted. This is because they do not like their roots way too soaked. Only repot when the plant appears to be like it is about to slide in excess of.

 Do not repot cattleyas until they look like they will fall over

Stage 2: As they increase, cattleya canes (pseudobulbs) shoot up from a rhizome. Divide them into sets of about 4 canes per division, reducing with a knife or with secateurs.

cut the cattleya can shoot here

Move 3: A new cane can be recognised as a swelling at the base of the past cane. When repotting, stage this new cane so the plant will grow again to the center of the pot to ideal utilise room.

new cattleya cane can be recognised by a swelling at the base of the previous cane

Phase 4: Repot into Searles Orchid Blend, a specially developed combine for cattleya orchids for finest effects.

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September 20, 2022

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